Sim Racing Leagues

The Sim Racing community has been growing exponentially in recent years. Most new sim racers start as a hobby or to just have an awesome new addition to their gaming set-ups or man-caves. Some professional drivers take up sim racing to practice and hone their skills for real-world racing. Then there are the competitive sim racers, who compete in sim racing leagues. Some leagues are just for fun, they have their own community of racers, with new members joining constantly.

There are also sim racing leagues that are competitive, with real-world prizes, some in the thousands, or hundreds of thousands! This all depends on a variety of factors such as the particular game they play and the skill level.

There are platforms such as that sponsor races for Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. ACRL is a league for fun racing, with a beginner-friendly sim racing experience. For more serious competitive racers, Precision Racing League is one of the largest online racing communities in the world, mostly for PC and iRacing which sponsors leagues for Rally-Cross, Off-Roading, eNASCAR, and more. 

The Sim Racing community is rapidly expanding across many platforms, with options for racers of all skill levels, whether competitively, or just for fun with friends and other like-minded racers. Regardless of what your preferences are for your Sim Racing experience, you will find a community that will fit just right. 

6 Sigma Sim Racing is here to help you through your Sim Racing journey, with excellent Sim Racing cockpits and accessories at prices that can’t be beat. 

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