Sim Racing Games

Now that you’ve invested in a sim racing rig, whether it be an entry level rig like the 6S-Slim with the basics, or a top-tier rig like the 6S-160 with high load cell hydraulic pedals, direct-drive wheel, a sequential or gated shifter, and a triple-monitor stand and set-up, what games should you play? 

There are many sim racing games out there. Do you want to play to have some fun and leisure, or are you looking for the most authentic, technical experience for your sim racing hardware?

Beginner level games such as Gran Turismo Sport 7, Assetto Corsa, Project cars, Dirt Rally 2.0, and F1 2019 are great for beginners because they are easy to set-up, and jump right in, without too much of an emphasis on technical aspects and settings. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re easy to master, and can still challenge experienced sim racing enthusiasts. The fun factor is there if you want to jump right in and not worry about extensive set-up. A lot of these “beginner” sim racing games are used on consoles such as the Playstation and Xbox, which is where a lot of sim racers will start their journey.

For more advanced sim racers with elaborate rigs, looking to maximize the realism and challenge of their experience on a high output PC, There are much more technical, realistic games out there.

rFactor 2, and iRacing are 2 games that will test your driving skills to the max, and you will get the most out of your highly prized sim racing rig, pedals, shifters, wheels, and triple monitor set-ups. In fact, these sim racing titles are so real, they are used by professional race car drivers to practice during off-season. Every aspect of the driving experience is adjustable, making these titles for experienced drivers and sim racers only. Regular competitions are held around the world, and leagues are always happening with real prize money on the line. 

6 Sigma Sim Racing has products ranging from entry-level to professional-grade. No matter what your sim racing needs are, we have excellent choices regardless of budget, or skill level.

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