6 Sigma sim race was founded in 2021 by Stanley Lin to fill a void in the industry for high quality, affordable sim racing cockpit specifically for hobby sim racer with a vision!

Being mechanical engineer by trade and hobby racer living in Canada. Stanley began prototyping designs for sim racing cockpit in response to the poor selection of these products available in the market. It seemed that everything that was of good quality was extremely expensive and anything at a reasonable price point didn’t have the durability and craftsmanship required to meet the needs of a discerning sim racer. Realizing that through a process of innovative design, cost effective manufacturing and selling directly to the customer thereby eliminating middleman markup, he could offer products with the same exceptional performance and construction as much more expensive models but at a price point that hobbyists could justify! With these objectives in mind, Stanley began his quest to design the highest quality, best valued sim racing cockpit available in the market.

As an experienced sim racer, the first product he chose to tackle was a 8020 aluminum cockpit. After many design iterations and extensive testing a prototype was achieved that offered the perfect balance of durability, portability and most importantly rigidity. Equipped with high industry standard profile aluminum frame and the well designed wheel base and paddle tray, this cockpit was designed to last and provide sim racers with many years of racing enjoyment.
The Quest for Manufacturing Excellence
The next hurdle was to find a manufacturing partner that could consistently deliver the superior quality required to meet 6 Sigma standards, and for a cost that enabled offering these products to consumers at unbeatable price points. Utilizing his years of experience sourcing automotive components for a major North American auto manufacturer, Stanley began his global search for the perfect manufacturing partner. After a comprehensive assessment of many potential suppliers, a manufacturer based in China was selected as the best source to meet all the requirements – including state of the art manufacturing equipment, skilled management and workforce, advanced assembly processes and rigorous quality assurance processes. To ensure that every single unit meets our high quality control requirements, the product is fully assembled within the plant for inspection before being partially disassembled for shipping. With a design locked down and manufacturing partner in place, production of 6 Sigma chassis production models commenced in 2021.

In 2022, as out passion for delivering exceptional racing experiences grew. We expanded our offerings to include branded peripherals, quickly becoming Canada’s leading distributor.

In 2023, after two years of intensive Research and Development, we thrilled to launch out our in-house developed motion simulator. This groundbreaking product not only brings motion simulators to the consumer level but also provides commercial-grade models for business seeking to race to the limit.

In 2024, our primary commitment is to uphold unparalleled value and community engagement. Our renewed focus centers on elevating the sim racing experience by becoming a premier service provider for turn-key commercial setups and race simulator lounge. The entails offering comprehensive solutions for tradeshow marketing dealership experience centers, race lounge rentals, and local retail stores. For more information on how we can help elevate your existing business or starting new, please contact us today.
The Difference Maker
6 Sigma Sim race realizes that engineering exceptional racing cockpit for amazing prices isn’t enough. Where 6 Sigma really shines and what sets us miles above the competition is the phenomenal level of customer and technical support we provide to each of our customers. As you can see from our customer reviews, we make it our mission to ensure that your entire 6 sigma sim racing experience, from the early stages of your product research, to after purchase, we are there to support you in any way we can.

So whether you are a hobby or sim racer, would like to get racing simulation practice or join online sim racing league, we have the sim racing gears for you! With the reviews of our customer, find out why they have been extremely happy with selecting 6 Sigma sim racing to help them tackle their projects and make their visions a reality!
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