Exclusive Pricing, Support, and Training

We have made our great Sim Racing products available through authorized dealers. We will be offering dealer incentives, including exclusive wholesale pricing and discounts, technical support and training, and access to cool 6 Sigma swag.

We are looking for businesses that have a strong desire to represent the 6 Sigma product line in areas that are not currently being served. The future of Sim Racing is upon us, and we have a firm belief that our products have the BEST value for the price, and we encourage our clients and customers to use our price comparison tool to outline that. We design and engineer our products in Canada and manufacture our products to the highest standards, using the latest and most efficient technology, precise CNC-machined components and materials such as Extruded 40-series aluminum for our chassis, ensuring quality, long-lasting durability, and of course, an unparalleled immersion and experience in the exhilarating world of simulation racing!

Thank you and we hope you join us in our exciting endeavor,

6 Sigma Sim Racing marketing team

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