MOZA ES V2 Steering Wheel
Hand-made Stitch Leather Aluminum Alloy Frame Customized Quick Release from Real Racing RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator 22 Programmable Buttons Compatible with only R5,R9 V2
$259.00 $233.00
MOZA KS Steering Wheel
Introducing the MOZA KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel, a brand-new offering designed specifically for GT enthusiasts. This 300mm butterfly-style GT wheel brings the thrill of the track to your fingertips. Crafted with carbon fiber-reinforced composites and TPE rubber grips, it...
MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel
Compatible with All MOZA Wheelbases Wireless and Wired Connection 13 Inch Standard Racing Rim Genuine Leather Grip Forged Carbon Fibre & Aluminum Construction In-built Quick Release LED RGB Rev Light Carbon Fibre Magnetic Shifters Ergonomic Design
$699.00 $629.00
MOZA TSW Truck Wheel
$399.00 $359.00
MOZA TSW Truck Wheel
Features Classic four-spoke design with a standard 400mm truck wheel diameter Microfiber leather with hand stitching Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame Short-travel RGB backlit buttons Customizable RPM LED Light Lightweight all-aluminum quick release Works with 3rd party bases, embracing an open...
$399.00 $359.00
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