Concord, ON


Experience SIM racing like never before. AI Performance has partnered with 6 Sigma Sim Racing to offer Sim Racing experiences to customers. 

This location is equipped with 6 Sigma ultimate full motion simulators and offers simulator training. 
Full showcase displays, and retail options. 

Contact 6 Sigma to book an appointment today or visit AI Performance

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6 Sigma Headquarters

20 Cachet Woods Ct Suite 1, Markham, ON L6C 3G1


Visit Our Headquarters

6 Sigma is pleased to offer local pickup from our headquarters in the Ontario region. Conveniently located to serve our local customers, our facility is fully equipped with all the latest chassis models and peripherals from MOZA and ASETEK SIMSPORT. Whether you're looking to explore our product range in person or pick up your latest purchase, we ensure a seamless experience catered to your racing needs.

Location Features:

Comprehensive display of all chassis modelsWide range of peripherals from leading brands like MOZA and ASETEK SIMSPORTExpert staff on hand to assist with product inquiries and setup adviceCome visit us and see why 6 Sigma is a leader in sim racing technology!

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Vaughan, ON

SimHub Racelounge offers a variety of 6 sigma racing products which are available to the public. 

They offer non-motion and motion simulators, that can be rented hourly and half-hourly. You can also find their own simulator racing league, all on iRacing commercial licences.
They also offer guest entertainment and also with simulator builds and sales.

Contact SimHub Race Lounge to book an appointment today.

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C17Auto Armour

Richmond Hill, ON

C17Auto Armour is a trusted team of paint protection specialists dedicated to preserving the aesthetics of vehicles new and old.

Beyond paint protection film and ceramic coatings, C17Auto Armour has expertise executing custom race liveries including on 6Sigma's very own GT4.

Drop-in to their facility in Richmond Hill to explore the exciting automotive projects underway and experience a 6Sigma racing simulator first-hand

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Art In Motion

Etobicoke, ON

A team of professional customizers who specialize in wraps, tinting, rims and tires, ceramic coating, powder coating, collision repair, custom apparel, printing and more. 

Experience SIM racing at their store by contacting them or visiting their location.

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Late Apex

Barrie, ON

Situated downtown Barrie, Ontario, on the corner of Dunlop Street East and Mulcaster Street, Late Apex Simulators is designed to offer the ultimate adrenaline rush, whether you're a seasoned racing pro or a first-time driver.

Get ready to buckle up and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Their facility has 7 of the most advanced racing simulator rigs available on the market.

Partnered with 6 Sigma Sim Racing and iRacing, Late Apex provides an immersive virtual racing experience with professional grade equipment.

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Calgary, AB.

Putting the technology of virtual reality together with 12 full motion racing simulators, TracksVR has created the LARGEST virtual reality racing venue in Canada.

TracksVR has the space, the technology, and the excellent customer service to make for a truly unique destination.

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Gear Shop

Calgary, AB.

The Gear Shop incorporated in 2011 with a goal of providing its clients with high quality automotive upgrades which were difficult to source in Canada.

Almost a decade later, fuelled by a passionate team and a larger location, The Gear Shop offers it’s customers vehicle maintenance, repairs, alignments, detailing, shock rebuilding, fabrication and full vehicle builds.

A passion and a focus on the knowledge behind the spec is what has separated The Gear Shop from its competitors, and made it one of the ‘go to’ locations..

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Redline Simcade

South Carolina, USA

Redline Simcade was created with the goal is to bring you the thrill of motorsport in a fun, safe, and controlled environment

Immersion is their number one goal, so they've partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you the finest, high quality hardware, peripherals, and simulation software available.

This location equipped with 6 units of 6s-160 chassis bundle set up with MOZA wheels and pedals, running Assoto Corsa.

Contact Redline Simcade to book appointment for visitation today.

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Sim Dog
Motor Sport

Atlanta, GA. 

Experience SIM racing like never before. Sim Dog Motor Sports has partnered with 6 Sigma Sim Racing to offer Sim Racing experiences to customers. 

Contact or visit Sim Dog Motor Sport to book an appointment today.

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Zach's Garage

England, UK.

Experience SIM racing like never before. 6 Sigma Sim Racing has partnered with Zach's Garage to offer Sim Racing experiences to customers. 

Contact or visit Zach's Garage to book an appointment today.

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Sim Racing Tera

Hiroshima, Japan.

Experience SIM racing like never before. 6 Sigma Sim Racing experiences are available to customers in Hiroshima. 

Contact or visit Us to book an appointment today.

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